United Christian Broadcasters Africa

Welcome to United Christian Broadcasters Africa – seeking to speak hope to the nations of Africa. We invite you to find out more about the ministry of the United Christian Broadcasters right here, in the ‘lost continent’.

UCB Africa works in partnership with Radio Pulpit to train and help other Christian broadcasters in Southern Africa

“When God plants a vision in a person’s heart it seems that most times He only tells them enough to excite them, definitely never too much, lest they become discouraged and never start” (Hal Short, President, UCB International.)

UCB Africa was birthed through God placing a vision and a burden on my heart for the African Christian broadcaster.

The African Christian broadcaster is faced with unique challenges. Problems like the Aids pandemic, poverty and internal conflict has caused the rest of the world to refer to Africa as the “Dark Continent”; many have given up hope for Africa to ever be part of a so-called first world.

I am however totally convinced that God has a special, rapidly unfolding plan for Africa, and although the digital divide is a stark reality, the contribution of Christian radio and Television to transform the hearts and minds of people and complement moral regeneration initiatives is not to be underestimated. Radio is still the most cost-effective, most accessible medium of reaching out on a large scale with a Christian message of hope, healing and reconciliation.

We pray that lifes will be touched , and souls be won to Christ through the modest contribution that the UCB Africa brings to Africa. May God’s territory be greatly enlarged through our efforts to empower African Christian broadcasters.

Dr Roelf Petersen, Regional Director Africa.