Nampula Report – August 2016


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   Nampula – Training                   Nampula – Market

I had the privilege to go to Nampula, Mozambique from the 12th – 18th August, to visit my good friend Pastor Romeno Alberto Carico and to conduct a site inspection for their new radio Station, Radio Graca. During my stay, I would also help with the training, coordinated by Prof Nelson Perreira, a representative of IBRA and I represented UCB Africa.  The training commenced on the grounds of the JOCUM / YWAM Centre located in the heart of Nampula, and included a five-day workshop where topics like broadcasting & voice techniques, studio application and radio broadcasting equipment were covered. It was a great turn-out with various Radio Stations from Mozambique attending the workshop. Representatives from Radio Wimbe, Radio Nuru, Radio Vida, Radio Esperanza and also Radio Graca were present.

I arrived on Friday the 12th August and was met by Mr. Carico and some of his pastors and was escorted to the hotel where I met with all of them, to discussed the planned schedule for the week’s proceedings. Carico and I also spent some time together to discuss the future of Radio Graca and planned locations for the installation of their broadcasting studio. The following day Carico and I, went to a house located in nearby area that he wanted to rent for their studio and also their offices. Even though it had enough room for their purposes, it would be quite expensive and also would need extensive work to enable or qualify it as a broadcast studio. This was a main street and quite noisy and with many tenants living in the immediate area. With this all said it had potential but would need a lot of work.

The Sunday I had the pleasure of spending the Day with Carico and also attended his church for a “real” African reception and service and met his very joyful congregation of about 50 people. Here I had the opportunity to talk about the UCB and UCB Africa and the plans for Radio Graca and the establishment of this community station. My message was well received and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. That afternoon I had lunch with Carico and his parents and also met his future wife. This was a keen insight into my friend’s life and I see it as a honour and treasured experience.


Monday was the start of the training workshop held at the JOCUM Centre / YWAM in Nampula and the day was started with devotion and worshipping followed by an introduction from Prof Nelson and also the schedule of the week’s proceedings. Everybody present had an opportunity to introduce themselves and give everybody some background on their experience and expectations for the workshop. Afterwards I started the 1st session, Vocal Techniques, which was followed by the 2nd session on Radio Interviews. We then all had lunch and I spend some time looking at the facilities of the JOCUM/YWAM centre. Most of the week was spent with practical application in the afternoon.

inside-small-studio inside-studio                                                                              Inside view of Recording studio

To my surprise, I saw that there was a studio on the grounds of the JOCUM centre which apparently hasn’t been used for a few years. This is a production studio, used to produce Christian content and programs for radio stations of the area. Since it hasn’t been used for a while it was decided to conduct practical sessions in the studio and to give the attendee’s some “hands-on” experience. I also asked Nelson the possibility to rent this studio for the purposes of establishing Radio Graca on the premises. Prof Nelson referred me to Victor, an American which is stationed at the YWAM centre and hopefully a rental agreement can be arranged on this premises. It is secure, has electricity and has an active training facility or school on the grounds as well. This will be a perfect place to setup a UCB Africa training facility or HUB and can act as a training solution to the community of Nampula as well as the other Radio stations in the area.

I will still complete this investigation and proper paperwork will still be set in place, but overall a great experience and a positive start to a greater strategy for Nampula city and the greater province of Nampula.